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Creative Teaching and Learning with Blog

Oleh Admin 19-04-2015 17:15:17

Most of students have mobile phone with internet access. BBC Indonesia reports that average Indonesians spend 181 minutes per day on mobile phone. Indonesia is one of the world top ten countries with most internet users. The use of Google search engine is intended for pleasure including to download music, videos, films or games.

The science and technology advanceent and the implementation of 2013 has changed teacher’s role and function and learning mindset.

2013 curriculum demands teacher’s skill improvement for the implementation of a creative teaching method. The difference between a conventional and creative teaching and learning are as follows:

A conventional teaching  and  learning :

  1. Students learn  to memorize
  2. Students learn to memorize book or material
  3. Teacher explains and students listen
  4. Face to face communication between teacher and student is a must.
  5. Book is the only source of learning

A ccreative teaching and learning:

  1. Students learn in various ways (not limited to memorizing,  including student’s independent material  searching)
  2. Students  ask questions  and the learning  material is  not  limited  from  the  teachers, students  can learn  from  another  sources  including  internet
  3. Face to face  interaction  between  student  and  teacher  is  not  a  must. Student may ask the teachers via cell phone, social media and teacher’s website.

This essay describes the active and creative teaching and learning using blog. Blog is beneficial source and media of learning in and outside of the classroom.

Blog is a free website (available also paid website) to upload a content prepared by teachers. Learning to blog autodidactly has become easier because the availability of the guidance by the domain provider like BlogSpot, wordpress, tumblr, kompasiana, etc. More strategies are needed to have a more dynamic and interesting blog to post more than just text content. A web or blog has included social media so that the skill to send data in form of picture, animation, audio, video and presentation is needed for creating an interesting blog or web for  teaching and learning source and media.

Three underlying skill that a teacher must have to be an active internet user for teaching and learning purposes are as follow:

  1. How  to write  and  make a learning media
  2. How  to operate office application and web design
  3. How  to blog

The three skills can be the power for teacher to be an active user in www world. In other words, a blog with a learning theme that can be accessed by students in the  teaching  and  learning process and provide tool for direct interaction in form of comments or on-line  response is  a simple e-learning.

To make the best use of blog as learning and teaching source and media (e-learning) needs customising design and template, inserting links (embedded html) from another website like,,, Google drive etc. For example PowerPoint presentation slide can work properly like its offline version with the assistance of or Google drive.

Once a blog is ready with the learning content including learning material presentation and exercises, it can be used as media and source of learning. The interaction between teacher and student can be either off-line or on-line.



       The benefits of blog for teaching and learning process are as follow:

  1. For free website that can be customized by administrator or blogger similar to a website for a teaching and learning portal.
  2. It can be accessed with electronically devices like mobile phone, tab, notebook, etc.
  3. It has the ability to upload picture, animation, voice, video, presentation, e book, pdf file, etc.
  4. It provides an optimum communication with embed links from various social media account like facebook, twitter, feedburner, etc.
  5. It  can  be  developed  for  an  e -learning

Social media account can be included in the blog to allow communication between teacher and student to pose question related to the material uploaded.

In conclusion, a blog has become a need in writing and education? Let’s make a blog for teaching and learning media. For those who have one, let’s improve it for the source and media of learning. Using embed links to social media, blog can be used interactively for communication with students or visitors in the form of text or conference video. It will be interesting to develop blog for an active and creative e learning portal.

 This writing is expected to inspire creative teachers to educate “golden generation” that will be the pride of teachers, parent and nation. Why wait?